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The world's next-generation Security Features

Good bye to Data Entry
Automatically retrieved data from smart national ID and passport and filled to reception screen for speed up check in.
Stylish iPad & Kiosk Design
VMS is built on elastic and responsive framework allowing it to be very usable regardless of device or environment.
Easy Integration
Magical integration api allow to connect and sync with other system to fetch or export data creating a true impressive experience for employees, clients, partners and any visitor to your facilities .
Visitors sign all required legal documents directly on the iPad during sign-in will be stored in our secured cloud for future retrieval.

Visitors Studio Management

Visitor Studioz makes it easy to collect visitor signatures on legal documents. They’ll sign your non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or waiver directly on the iPad, so there’s no more skipping or scribbling.

Key Features

Criminal Records Screening

Check your visitors against watch lists. If someone on a watch list attempts to check in or register, your security personnel will be notified. This feature confirms whether your visitors really are who they say they are. Never worry about having a visitor with a questionable past.

Host Notification

This feature notifies the visitor’s host (via email and/or SMS) when the visitor arrives, sometimes appointments slip from the mind, rest assured that with Visitor Studio you will never be caught by surprise when a visitor arrives.

Client Devices

You can easily use Visitor Studio from your on-premise system through a browser. No need to worry about downloading content on different devices or bothering with plug-ins. This also reduces implementation costs as your personnel can use existing devices.

Real-Time Cockpit

Know what’s going on, without a page that goes on and on one look at your Visitor Studio cockpit tells you what’s happening. No clutter, no confusion. The real-time cockpit delivers instant updates on what is happening at your premises. From visitor details to stay times, the right information is right in front of you.

Sophisticated Reports

Visitor Studio user-friendly interface lets you easily create detailed reports. Sharing the reports across multiple channels is just as simple. You can search for visitors by name, company or vehicle registration number.

Vehicle Gate Passes

If a visitor is in a vehicle, you can issue a gate pass to keep track of the vehicle during its entire stay at your premises. People would rather just drive in – VisitorStudio lets you tag & track their vehicles as well.


RFID cards streamline the entry and movement of authorized visitors within your premises. Of course, they also tell you know who is going where.

Barcode Scanner

From IDs to other documents, Visitor Studio barcode scanning capability lets you easily scan the numerous items that carry a barcode. You can use Windows compatible wedge style 1D & 2D barcode readers with VisitorStudio. The VMS supports all major brands of Bluetooth, USB and portable barcode readers.