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Why AI Robotic Healthcare?

Artificial intelligence (AI) based Corona 19 Intelligent Fever/Body Temperature Detection and Analysis System. Our State-of-Art remote fever detection system can measure a person’s temperature in a crowd at a distance of up to five meters. In China, our solution is extensively used to detect and control Corona 19 fever in non-contact manner. It is based on the "face recognition + infrared / visible dual-sensor system" powered by our deep learning AI platform.

Built on AI Technology

Most Advanced Cameras

AI Robots

Features of Robotic Empower AI Healthcare

AI + Black Body

"AI + Black body" Measurement System with Very High Cost Performance - Proprietary CNN on edge devices to bring out best performance on edge devices.

Dynamic Temperature Calibration

Intelligent passive blackbody technology, real-time sensing of ambient temperature, and dynamically compensates for differences to cope with complex scenes.

Temperature With High Speed

Temperature Measurement with High Speed - Accurate temperature measurement for multiple people at the same time, supports multiple network relays, and can work with gate access control to achieve self-service temperature measurement and access control.

Non-Contact Temp Measurement

Support up to 5 meters in non-contact temperature measurement to ensure epidemic prevention security.Helps to identify the peoples with temperature.

Optimized Detection Model

Optimized forehead detection model for detecting the face of people who wear hats and masks, forehead detection rate >99.9%.

Ultra-Precision Temp Measurement

Tested by the Beijing Institute of Metrology and Testing, the accuracy within the range of 30 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ is as high as ± 0.1 ℃ (in laboratory environment).

Big Face Library, High Concurrency

The face library supports up to 80,000 photos, and can achieve simultaneous temperature measurement and passage for up to 6 to 8 people per second.

Mask-Wearing Detection

Automatically identify and alarm for those who do not wear a mask, detection rate > 99.6%.

Full Interface, Easy Docking

Has full standard data interface to quickly implement various data docking with third-party platforms.